Pay Per Click, works period. But, only the experts know how to test, test, and perfect the message. Using Pay Per Click, is a great way to start gaining traffic the same week you start your campaign. But, be careful, there are a lot of way to lose a lot of money if you don’t pay attention to the settings, keywords, and of course your market.

Pay Per Click will also be a wake up call to those younger businesses, when they see what kind of budgets their competitors have. The reason why Pay Per Click is more expensive now then ever, is free market. Consumers and clients, use the most popular search engine, and that search engine knows it. So, why give the traffic away for free, when you can make businesses buy prime real estate right in front of your targeted market.

So, don’t throw away money to start with, hire a professional like Eric Strate,. We will handle, baby sit, and manage your campaigns so that your ads are receiving the best click through rates possible.